Virus removal

     No matter how careful you are or how good you anti-virus is, sooner or later you will probably get a virus, or some malware or a trojan.  Sometimes even the best anti-virus can't get rid of the virus.  I can help.

     Once the problem is gone, the computer goes through a standard tune-up and cleaning.   I can also recommend a new, better security software.   If I can't get rid of it, then I can back-up your documents and pictures, and restore your PC to factory settings, and reinstall your software (disc(s) required).

     Unlike our competitors who don't work on older compters running Windows 98, 2000, or ME, I do.

     I highly recommend, having it picked up or dropped off for this,  it will be MUCH, MUCH less expensive.

pick-up: $45.00/hour  (15% discount for 55+, bench time rules apply)
in home: $70.00/hour  (15% discount for 55+, no bench time)

price does not include travel as seen on map