pc setup

     Nothing beats the smell of a new pc right?  New PCs are nice.  

     Except for the usual crap that all new PCs come with these days. Just like the other guys, I will take off the junk that comes with the computer and even transfer your data from your old PC.  Unlike them I will run a complete check on every part to make sure it is is good working order while it still is returnable to the store or manufacturer.

    Also, I can install your software (discs must be provided) for much less than what the competition.  Even hook up your new or old printer.

    I recommend, having it picked up or dropped off for this,  it will be MUCH, MUCH less expensive.

pick-up: $40.00/hour  (15% discount for 55+, bench time rules apply)
in home: $70.00/hour  (15% discount for 55+, no bench time)

price does not include travel as seen on map